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  • Paul Justin
    CLU®, ChFC®, CFP®
    Managing Partner of MassMutual Greater Pacific

    I started in the industry as an advisor in 1986. Since that time, I have been an advisor, a field manager, and led regions for large, national financial services companies.  I have also founded and led my own financial services firms.  I have served as President and Chairman of a regional chapter of the Financial Planning Association, and on advisory committees for several national financial service firms.

    Due to my long and broad exposure to all sides of the industry, I have benefitted from an enhanced perspective of the challenges faced by financial professionals in attempting to meet their clients’ expectations. I have found that the vast majority of financial professionals have a strong sense of mission when it comes to helping their clients achieve their goals.

    I believe that appropriately staffed teams of financial advisors, leveraging the appropriate technology, are better equipped to meet client expectations of: efficient and effective strategies to help achieve their financial independence and legacy goals, responsive service, and a caring relationship. We believe that practice management remains the biggest obstacle to meeting both client and advisor expectations.  Therefore, we focus exclusively on helping financial professionals effectively utilize proven practice management methods, technology, staffing, and partnership with other professionals to create a positive client experience.   I am proud to be part of an organization where all of our associates value not just business results and acumen, but have made a commitment to demonstrating:

    • Respect: Courtesy and deference to people for their efforts and humanity, regardless of rank or status
    • Accountability: Taking ownership (and learning) from failures as well as successes
    • Credibility: Exercising diligence, integrity, and transparency in their interactions with associates and clients alike
    • Alignment and Teamwork: Realizing that we must often cooperate and collaborate with others to achieve the most favorable outcome, even when it is inconvenient.

    Fax: (310) 689-3351

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